Work from home runway

Having spent the last two months between my lounge and the kitchen accumulating a daily tally of 126 steps, my work attire has drastically changed. These six ‘WFH’ items make me look like the wife of an Upper East Side investment broker and honestly, I’m here for it.


My lulu lemon wunder under full-length leggings

 These leggings (in black) are the staple in my casual wear wardrobe. I could never justify spending 128 dollars on a pair of leggings until I did (and my life changed). These versatile tights are designed to fit like a second skin—perfect for however you choose to sweat, or in my case, lounge. While I have these in different colours, my staple and favourite pair remains black. I can ‘bend, snap and stuff my mouth with carbs’ in these bad boys. If you have to budget and choose between your husband getting his morning Starbucks for a month and a pair of these, which colour will you get?

The ‘I’m an influencer who bought all her followers’ tie-dye two-piece

You’ve seen your favourite Nuskin sellers and bloggers wear them but believe it or not, the PERFECT pair are actually pretty tricky to get your hands on. The ones that look super cute in the background of an Acai bowl snap? The waitlisted pair from Stripe and Stare. While they have a price tag, compared to say ASOS, they’re pretty freaking cool if we say so ourselves. To order, bypass their website and go directly to Instagram to get on the waitlist. @stripeandstare

The ‘ I really need to spend $200 on this sweatshirt’

 Ok, this gimmicky sweatshirt is pricey but seeing’s as we’re no longer buying weekend brunch, it’s totally worth it. Staud Clothing allows you to upload pictures of your precious pooch and they make him or her come alive on your sweatshirt. All the cool girls are wearing one, so naturally, we want in.

The best pyjamas in the world

 Looking for something as soft as butter? There is only one PJ company that offers the best and most comfy sleepwear and that’s Eberjey. Their two-piece sets (worn by the Kardashians and Megan Markle) are adorable and look very ‘shishi’ if you have your initials embroidered on them ‘ala Blair Waldorf.

Sunday Forever Slippers

 A friend gifted me a pair last year and they’re without a doubt the fluffiest slippers I have ever owned. Sunday forever is the chicest online boutique that sells candles, jewellery and the cutest accessories. As they say, we all deserve something nice. @sundayforever