Why I shave my face

Dermaplaning is a hot new beauty trend on everyone’s radar (but did you know Asia and models have been doing it for years?)

Already an established exfoliation technique used in Asia, dermaplaning is the latest offering from salon’s across The United States and South Africa. The treatment uses a sharp and sterile blade to carefully remove the top layer of skin and peach fuzz from the face. The goal is to create  even and smooth, fair-free skin. Ever wondered why many models have such smooth and glowing skin? It also allows better absorption of serums and peels into the skin for more active results.

The treatment which doesn’t cause irritation, has no downtime and is perfect for the creation of a dewy looking skin the day of an event. (the results last up to 4 weeks). Dermaplaning involves using a sharp medical blade which is held at a 45 degree angle to manually exfoliate the outer layers of dead skin. The result? Excellent rejuvenation of the skin which leaves a youthful, bright complexion. It can be done on any skin type, say experts, except those with acne. And there’s zero truth to the idea that shaving makes hair grow back darker and coarser.

However, there are certain things that a lot of therapists neglect to tell you post-treatment that can prolong the effects of the treatment. For the week or so after treatment, your skin will be particularly receptive to anything that you apply, so take advantage of  hydrating serums followed by moisturizer. As with any resurfacing treatment, skin will be more at risk from UV, so ensure it’s protected with a good SPF.

Our go-to in Johannesburg? Grace skin and Wellness in Parkmore. In New York? Dr Norman Rowe on Park Avenue