Wellness reboot (without leaving the UES)

Having a bad week and need to ditch your anxiety, fast? There’s only one place I head for some R&R (and the best part is that you don’t need to leave The Upper East Side!)

MNDFL is New York City’s cutest meditation studio which urges you to check your phone and overactive mind at the door. Their green space brings nature into the city and offers a place where busy New Yorkers can kick off their shoes, enjoy a cup of herbal tea, read a mantra and fully disconnect from the stress of the big apple.

Their cell phone- free studios, featuring expert teachers from a variety of traditions, offers simple techniques in an accessible manner. The studio’s ethos of ‘existing to enable people to feel good’, does just that. The space was created to make you feel as if you are at home, allowing people to meditate in a non-intimidating way. Even if you think you can’t meditate, MDFL’s teachers will prove you delightfully wrong!

Classes are 30, 45 and 60 minutes and start at $15. When classes are not in session, the studio is open for self-guided practice. MNDFL created a space for both new and experienced practitioners and there is something for everyone. My personal favourite? Their breath classes for when you are feeling stressed or anxious. In this class, you will learn to focus on your breathing in order to become more present.  You will work with your breath in a way that allows you to self-soothe and not get too lost in your own head. As MNDFL’s signature meditation class, this practice grounds you in the ‘here and now’ like a cold shower on a hot summer day.

Struggling with some strong emotions in your life? Then a class called ‘emotions’ is definitely for you. While they can seem overwhelming, emotions are simply thoughts with an abundance of energy behind them. In this class you learn to work with that energy, seeing it not as good or bad but simply a part of who we are so that we can live a life that is productive and peaceful.

And there is more! Are you battling to sleep? Their signature sleep class might be for you. At the end of your workday, the studio urges you to come in and unwind during a guided meditation session meant to put you at ease and allow for a smooth transition home and into bed. That is if you don’t fall asleep on your cushion.

30 Minute Classes

First Time Class – $15

30 Minute Single Class – $18

45 Minute Classes

First Time Class – $15

45 Minute Single Class – $25

1 Hour Private Individual Instruction – $160*

Drop by anytime

During business hours, when classes are not in session, the studio is always open for self-guided practice in lieu of formal classes. This service is $5 for non-members and free for monthly members.