Ways you are self-sabotaging your hair.

If your hair is not as thick and bouncy as Jessica Simpson’s, it’s probably your fault. Have a look at the hair ‘faux-pas’ we all make (and how they are inadvertently trashing our locks).

Hot showers

Hot showers are one of the main causes of broken and dry hair. You’re basically stripping your hair of natural oils and causing breakage and frizz. If you ask us, it’s totally not worth it. Colder showers for the win.

Wrapping your hair in a towel turban

Because towels aren’t, by nature, that soft, using one to wrap around your head turban-style can actually lead to more breakage. Towel drying your hair is even worse. Our advice? Ditch the crazy towel turban and squeeze excess water out in the shower with your hands.

Sleeping On a Cotton Pillowcase

We’ve all seen our favourite bloggers try and sell us silk pillowcases on Instagram. There might actually be some truth behind their Insta-hackling. Not only is it gentler on your skin and less likely to give you wrinkles, but it also won’t play host to as much friction as cotton, which can lead to hair breakage.

 Dry Shampoo

We might all say we’re running on coffee and dry-shampoo but this trend is causing our hair to fall our quicker than ever before. Too much dry shampoo can block your scalp’s pores and make your hair super dull. It can even lead to pimples on your head. Sorry to be the burden of bad news but THROW THOSE SPRAYS OUT!

Putting your Hair in a top knot

We are just as shook on this one as you are. However, tight hairstyles put strain on hair follicles, damaging them and creating scars that can, in turn, destroy the follicle forever.

Going to Bed With Wet Hair

Although moms everywhere will attest that going to bed with a wet head will definitely result in flu, it actually is super bad for your hair. Putting wet hair in a ponytail and going to bed can lead to breakage.