Twinning with your BFF

2017 is the year of the future. First the IPhone X, now BFF bracelets for you and your pet. We’ll have one in every colour, please!

Designed for stylish pets and their humans, FriendshipCollar has arrived in South Africa and our pooches need one of each design! This internationally acclaimed PETA approved vegan leather accessory has become a firm favourite with pet owners around the world, offering a collar for your pet, and a matching bracelet for you, because who doesn’t miss their bestie when they’re at work?

With a wide range of styles and sizes to suit every pooch, feline and owner, FriendshipCollar is a brand that was built on love and friendship, inspired by best friends across the world. These unique matching gold-plated collars and bracelets are not only a fun way to freshen up your look; they are also a symbol of the bond between you and your four legged friend.

As FriendshipCollar is rooted in a love for animals of all kinds, every accessory in the South African and international collections is made sustainably and ethically. Vegan leather is used for all accessories. FriendshipCollar accessories are PETA approved, making them 100% animal-friendly. Vegan leather is not only cruelty-free and sustainable – it is also soft, comfortable, and tough enough to ensure that your FriendshipCollars see you through every adventure.

The South African range includes collars and bracelets in three main categories: dogs, cats and accessories. Sizes for pets start from XXXS collars for smaller breeds, to XXL collars for large breeds. Cat collars are one-sized, with breakaway safety release clasp. For owners, the bracelets are designed to fit all wrists with an adjustable strap.

FriendshipCollar for Dogs and Owners

Collections designed for canine friends and their humans include the following:

  • The Friendship Collection. The original FriendshipCollar range offers one to wear, and one to share. Unlike traditional woven collars and bracelets, this collection features a hardy, easy to clean woven pattern that will last you and your canine companion through the years. Highlights in this collection include The Mucky Pup in shades of blue, The Pedigree Princess in pretty pink, and The Top Dog in bright, cheerful hues.
  • The Gilded Collection. For those seeking something elegant and chic, The Gilded Collection has a gold plated finish that adds a dose of subtle sophistication. Highlights in this range include the black and gold Dotty About You, pale pink dotted Puppy Love, and the gold and neutral diagonal striped Devoted Doggy.
  • The Glitter Collection. If you prefer something a little more sparkly, The Glitter Collection is sure to do the trick. Highlights in this collection include The Sparkling Pup: Glitter Gold, The Sparkling Pup: Glitter Purple, The Sparkling Pup: Glitter Silver and The Sparkling Pup: Glitter Bronze.
  • The Urban Collection. Fun designs make this range ideal for people and pooches that are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Highlights in this range include The Hipster Pup in tartan, The Rasta Pup in red, yellow and green, and G.I Pooch in camouflage.
  • The Classic Collection. Simple yet elegant, this range is fuss-free and down to earth, with a selection of single colour vegan leather collars and bracelets in green, brown, black and blue.
  • The Boutique Collection. In this range, detail is everything. Choose from a wide range of statement styles to suit every taste. Highlights include denim, snakeskin, herringbone and more.

Sets start at R599.00 retail price. These cruelty-free accessories are also a fun way to treat yourself (and your favourite companion animal).

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