Things you should ask your gynae, even if you really don’t want to

Going to see Doctor Hoo-hah is never a pleasant experience and we often omit things because well, they are kinda awkies. The one thing gynaes want you to know? THEY HAVE SEEN IT ALL.


They don’t care if you have waxed or not, so please don’t apologize.

Most gynaes have seen it all. Trust us, they really are not looking at your Brazilian. Get some perspective, babe.

Yes, you are going to poop on the table during birth.

90 percent of woman poop on the table during natural birth. Don’t stress honey, it happens to the best of us.

Don’t miss your appointment because you are on your period.

Menstrual blood doesn’t make them queasy. Most gynaes are so difficult to get into that if you calculated your dates wrong and end up having your appointment on a period day, don’t reschedule.

Tell them about your itching.

You might be embarrassed telling your doctor about any itch but it’s really important you spill the beans so that they can run the correct tests and medicate properly. Sometimes it could even be something more sinister like an STI, so it’s important to fess up.

No sex detail is TMI

Knowing all the deets will help doctors provide the best care. Be honest about how many sexual partners you have had. They don’t judge.