The wildest massage in Africa

The wildest massage in Africa

Every self-respecting gal lives for a good massage so when we say this is the best massage in South Africa we mean it – it literally might be better than spending a night with Johnny Depp!

We know the ins and outs of luxury and when it comes to splurging on that birthday massage, Amani Spa’s at Sabi Sabi Game Reserve is the only place you’ll find us. What’s so special about this particular spa? That’s simple – how many of you would agree that having someone rub you down in the wild isn’t the most exotic thing since safari’s become oh –so- trendy in 1836?

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful backdrops to enjoy a pamper session; Amani Spa embodies their ethos of being one with nature – quite literally. With something so fabulous at their disposal, guests will probably opt to skip the safari all together and spend the duration of their stay channeling their inner African goddess.

Once you’ve indulged in your treatment that’s fit for an African- themed Hollywood movie featuring Kim Basinger, you can enjoy the famous ‘Pongo room’. This cave- like suite is the perfect place to enjoy a gentle ‘rasul’ treatment and wash away those newly exorcised toxins. Finally, end your spa day off with an outdoor bath or shower and you’ll be asking ‘Johnny WHO?’

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