The Queen of bubbly

We’ve found our soul twin, and if you’re not already following @The_champagne_chick are you even on Instagram?

South Africa’s most famous champagne- sipping diva has taken social media by storm and we live for her daily dose of bubbly-inspired wisdom. So, it’s no surprise that when she started selling champers merchandise, we freaked OUT!

The page which started three years ago because the founder loved Champagne, was initially filled with fun champagne quotes and only later, when it went viral, The Champagne Chick decided to share newsworthy information about anything champagne related. The founder (who likes the shroud of mystery surrounding her true identification) also shares champagne events that are happening around the world. Her aim? That ‘The Champagne Chick’ is your one stop shop for champagne info.

What we’re most excited about though? Her champagne candle line! The Champagne Chick makes them with used bottles by partnering with a small NGO that does the cutting and polishing to create the finished product.

We asked her why she has decided to keep her identity a mystery. Well that’s easy, she loves the fact that she is like The Stig … The Champagne Stig!

We don’t mind the secrecy surrounding our favourite online presence! The only thing we ask of her? Keep the content coming!

To see what we mean, follow @The_champagne_chick on Instagram and Facebook.