The jewel of the Middle East

There’s an oasis situated in the golden sand of the Al Qudra desert where time stands still, luxury is palpable with every breath and heaven truly does seem to be a place that exists on earth.

It’s no surprise that Dubai has been hailed the most luxurious place on earth. From the moment you land in the UAE you feel as if you’re living a life of an international celebrity in a place that could possibly only exist in your wildest imagination. A mixture of old-world culture read about in tales like Aladdin and Ali Baba, coupled with the opulence of the world’s most luxurious technology and style, Dubai should be everyone’s dream holiday destination.

With so many hotels and resorts to choose from in Dubai, finding the perfect place to stay is as easy as Yet, in this climate of luxury and first class service, finding a resort that leaves you longing for its beauty, calling to you in the way an expat is beckoned back to the motherland, is something remarkable. Bab Al Shams does just that. This desert resort, situated between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is an easy commute from both international airports. Aside from accessibility Bab Al Shams is one of those places that will have you planning another vacation before you’ve even cleared customs.

This oasis in the sand is the perfect place to relax in luxury while enjoying the true culture and activities Dubai has to offer. Tea and Hookah pipes in the afternoon at a desert rim flow pool, will continue into the late afternoon on the resorts rooftop (which offers an expansive view of palm tree speckled sand dunes). From this vantage point, romantic sunset drinks and snacks are mandatory before heading to the resort’s breathtaking restaurant on the sand. Al Hadheerah restaurant is the perfect place to relish Arabian summer nights. With authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, prepared using ancient recipes, to a series of live acts ranging from Arabic bands, belly dancers, camels and an Arabian horse show, dinner at Al Hadheerah will undoubtedly be the highlight of your stay.

An after-dinner camel ride in the desert is the perfect way to end an already fairy-tale evening. The magic of Arabia doesn’t end there, as with sunrise comes the wonder of early morning desert safari before you tuck into a breakfast worthy of royalty. If you expected anything less than red carpet treatment, you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime.