The horror of my first wrinkles

All of a sudden, at the age of twenty-six, I noticed every women’s worst nightmare – those inevitable frown lines appearing more conspicuous on my forehead. My answer? A new and revamped skin routine.

Earlier on in my twenties, I would wash my face with Environ face wash and when I felt like my skin was dry, I would use some of the Environ moisturizer I kept in the bottom of my bathroom cupboard. However, after my twenty-sixth birthday I noticed the first signs of ageing that glared at me defiantly and almost arrogantly as I looked in the mirror, as if say ‘sorry bitch, it’s all downhill from here’.

In a mad dash to redeem my youth (and prevent further ageing) I rushed to Lightsculpt aesthetics clinic, ready for a major skincare overhaul. My latest skincare regime not only works wonderfully for me, it also covers me from everything ageing related.

Face Wash (morning and evening): Environ Sebuwash

Sebuwash is a mild, foaming gel cleanser. The entire B-Active range is specifically designed for problematic, oily skin as it contains Australian tea tree oil and most contain salicylic acid. It is suitable for problematic, oily and congested skins. It absorbs excess oil and its anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties help control breakouts. It also has a mild exfoliation action that removes excess dead skin cells.

Morning serum: Biomedical Emporium Collagen Serum

Collagen & Elastin Enhancement Therapy is a powerful builder of skin matrix. It promotes the cell’s ability to uphold these proteins, improving and protecting the skin. It enhances skin elasticity, prevents moisture loss, offers advanced hydration, enhances skin firmness and prevents wrinkles. I put this under my moisturizer in the mornings.

Moisturizer (morning and evening): Biomedical Emporium Enzymatic Therapy

This moisturizer offers enzymatic exfoliation for sustainable skin maintenance as well as preventing harmful skin extremities to manifest. It also helps with the removal of dead skin cells and exfoliates the skin as well as improving cellular turnover.

Sunblock: Heliocare SPF 50

Heliocare provides advanced anti-ageing UV protection. It is an ultra-smooth, easy-apply advanced sunscreens combining high technology mineral & non mineral filters with photobiological protectants, featuring Fernblock, a natural fern extract unique to Heliocare. What is great about this product is it not only covers UVA/UVB, it also protects your skin from pollution in the air, fluorescent lights and computer screens.

Evening Serum: IS Clinical Active Serum

This powerful serum helps treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while visibly evening skin tone, and is excellent for blemish-prone skin. Touted by physicians as “remarkable” and “phenomenal,” ACTIVE SERUM usually produces results within a couple of days. Potent activity will be noted upon application as evidenced by a cool tingling sensation. Excellent for all skin types and for all ages, this powerful botanical serum leaves the skin moist and smooth.

• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Diminishes the appearance of uneven skin tone and blemishes
• Smoothes and softens
• Gives the appearance of smaller pores
• Provides both rapid and long-term noticeable results


All of the above face products (except for the Environ face wash) are available at Lightsculpt aesthetics clinics across the country.