The coital coronary

Everybody likes things a little frisky in the bedroom but how easily can the Big ‘Oh’ turn to ‘Oh, my god call an ambulance!’

If like us, TLC’s reality show ‘Sex sent me to the ER’ has had you swear off everything other than good ol’ missionary, it’s time to weigh up the facts and ask, just how dangerous is sex?

The most common way to reach the pearly gates during the final thrust is of course a heart attack. Every year in America there are about 11,000 cases of sudden death during sex. This means you have more of a chance from dying during sex than death by a plane crash or dog bite. In fact, according to a 2015 survey, you are just as likely to die from a cocaine overdose in the USA as you are from sex.

This prompted us to ask the question, what do you do if your partner has a heart attack during sex? Like always, we’ve got the best tips for ‘What to do during a doggy-styled disaster’. Have a look see!

The Passports & Perignon guide on what to do if your man goes into cardiac arrest during sex.

  1. Call the ambulance
  2. If you are going partake in BDSM it’s wise to have some training in CPR.  If your partner has an existing heart condition refrain from mixing sex with opiate drugs.
  3. Get your partner to chew and swallow an aspirin, but seek emergency help first.
  1. Decide what will be quicker, calling an ambulance or getting your partner to the hospital.
  2. Try to keep your partner calm and lying down.

Statistics don’t lie, so we’d rather be safe than sorry! (or stick to sexting).