Ted takes Cape Town

Our favourite, ‘you look fab, where is that dress from?’ store has FINALLY opened in the Mother City and we need our year-end bonuses – as in, RIGHT now.

Cape Town, you may have the mountain, but we Joburgers had Ted Baker first! And now Ted Baker has opened its second store in SA at the V&A Mall in Cape Town.

The brand symbolizes everything that we hope to project from our Instagram accounts – adventure with a touch of elegance – that will make you the best dressed in any room.

As customers journey through the store, they are taken on an adventure up the mountain. The back of the store emulates the peak of Table Mountain, inviting customers to venture back down on the cable car. The fitting rooms are designed to resemble individual cable car pods (with a swing door and seat inside). Snapchat swoon-worthy!

If you’re reading this off your desktop, my question to you is why are you not actually in store already with far too many floral dresses in hand?