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A glass of bubbly beneath the stars

There’s nothing more romantic than enjoying a dinner date under the stars. We’ve rounded up the best alfresco spots around the world that are proposal worthy!

Hollywood Hair

You ever heard the saying, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose as long as your hair looks good? Well Vichy clearly has. Their new Dercos range is our answer to bad hair days.

To Thai for

If you’ve frolicked on the beaches of Thailand, you’ll know there is nothing more fabulous than a traditional Thai massage. Luckily for Thai enthusiast, you no longer have to venture further than Joburg.

Getting real about reflex

Is reflexology a money making scheme that’s kinda like a foot massage? We had to find out for rich housewives everywhere.

A Fresh start

There’s a new trend on every millennial’s radar. We gave detoxing a go, and surprisingly didn’t starve to death.

50 Shades of ‘I refuse to pay THAT for a sex toy’.

Ok, so while some of us like to spice things up in the bedroom with whipped cream, others are buying 14 million rand dildos that double as necklaces.

Flowers were so 2016

Boys take note - there’s a new gift delivery service on the block and it doesn’t include flowers… ‘cos these days girls are all about beauty and jewels.

Dressed by Diane

We stopped by Diane Paris this week for a little style advice like ‘What the hell do I wear to meet my in-laws?

Meet me in the trees

Tsala Treetop Lodge is nothing like the tree houses we spent our days in as children. It’s chic, luxurious and has us wanting to exchange our condos for a life above the greens (with an outdoor shower too, please).

Old country charm

If like us, you’re besotted with Jane Austen, rose gardens and an hour pre-dinner dedicated to really pretty G&T’s, then Hunters Country House should definitely be your next pied-à-terre.