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Ways you are self-sabotaging your hair

If your hair is not as thick and bouncy as Jessica Simpson’s, it’s probably your fault. Have a look at the hair ‘faux-pas’ we all make (and how they are inadvertently trashing our locks).

Get rid of those banana rolls

We all want a booty like Kim K and when we can’t get rid of that stubborn roll underneath our bikini bottom, Lightsculpt is the only place we turn to for help.

Gracefully beautiful

There’s a new beauty spot in Parkmore and it’s so elegant, it’s as if it’s decorated by Grace Kelly herself.

Kiss ageing goodbye

This week’s skincare range of focus is the local, Crème Classique and we’re all about their skin rejuvenation program.

The key to a-peel-ing skin

Having a glow like Halle Berry is possible at Light Sculpt Rosebank (they’re fans of Halle’s favourite iS Clinical Fire and Ice peel… need we say more?).

What’s a vacay without a pool?

When a socialite books a vacay, the hotel has to be Insta perfect… and what’s more perfect than a 5 star spa pool? We’ve rounded up the world’s best hotel pools and some of them are breathtakingly fabulous.

Joburg’s pamper retreat

If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of Joburg, Mowana Spa is the perfect place to rejuvenate.

New Botox on the block

Who said Botox is only for your face? Inoar has a new Botox treatment for your hair… and it’s the best invention since the GHD!

Lesarmario nails it!

There’s a new hair and nail bar in Sandton and here’s why it’s the only place to get pampered…

To Thai for

If you’ve frolicked on the beaches of Thailand, you’ll know there is nothing more fabulous than a traditional Thai massage. Luckily for Thai enthusiast, you no longer have to venture further than Joburg.