Sorbet’s Crow (n) Jewel

With over 200 stores nationwide, we’ve found the franchise’s jewel and here’s why.

There is something about a chain of beauty salons that makes you feel as if you are a ‘cow on a production line’, waiting to get your hoofs painted en route to the slaughter (or at least that’s how it feels to a picky manicure maven like myself).

Having had my first professional manicure at the age of eleven (and critiquing salons for a living since I graduated from University) I know a great place when I see one, and I am yet to put my stamp of approval on a chain salon. However, in 2018, I’m bending the rules for Sorbet Crowthorne.

Here are the reasons why this specific Sorbet comes out on top of our list.

  1. I visited the salon on a week day (midday) and it was full – What this shows is that the salon is busy even at traditionally ‘slow times’ which means that its good service reputation is well known around town.
  2. All the beauticians and even the tea lady had perfectly manicured nails – What this shows is that the salon is a team, that everyone is involved in the running of the business and that they take pride in their salon and their work. Personally there is nothing worse than having your nails done by a beautician with shoddy nails; it’s like going to an obese dietician.
  3. I was offered a cup of tea and it came in a mug – This is just a personal preference of mine, but if you are going to offer me a cup of tea in a teacup (half-filled may I add), it’s really going to piss me off.
  4. My nail therapist disinfected my utensils after each use – This may seem like an obvious one but how often do you see your nail tech do it in front of you, or do you just take it for granted that she will do it after you leave? The dirt and dead skin on these tools obviously have some adverse effects. They may result in the growth of bacteria and germs thus causing infection. Therefore, cleaning them is very essential before and after each use.
  5. There were fresh flowers at reception – What this showed me is that the owner is hands-on in her salon. It’s a sad fact of life but roughly 1 in 3 small businesses fail within the first two years and the biggest reason for that is because clients were not happy with the service they were receiving. And the reason for that? You guessed it … an owner who is MIA.

My experience at Sorbet Crowthorne was positive in all regards and my nails were perfectly manicured and painted. I have zero complaints except for the fact that I live a journey and a half away from the salon! (Good thing I do, or else I would be there daily blowing all my money!).

Address: Shop 17 Crowthorne Shopping Centre Main Rd Kyalami Gauteng.

Number: 011-702-3068