Sorbet make-up, yes or nah?

We’ve all had mani’s at one of the bazillion Sorbet’s across the country but would you wear their new line of make-up? The investigative (hypo-allergenic) journalist in us does some digging.

First they revolutionized the quick mani/pedi in South Africa, then they brought us beauty products and nail varnishes and now (ta daaaah) … comes their very own make-up line.

With the help of the women of South Africa and Clicks, Sorbet launched the Skin Tone Project that got up-close and personal with nearly 3000 women so that why could create a foundation range to match all skin tones. They found that 28 shades was needed in order to assure a match for all, thus being one of the most extensive foundation ranges in South Africa.

What’s more cutting edge? The created Foundation Match Me services to help you find your perfect match in store along with Match Me experts at every Sorbet Store and participating Clicks stores. With your canvas sorted, they then went on to create everything else you might need for your killer Hollywood look. From eyeliners to lipsticks to professional tools, they have you covered for a night out on the town or an early morning brunch run.

Our top products from the range? We spill the powder below.

Sorbet Prep and all in one primer – Used under your foundation, this anti-oxidant rich primer works with all skin tones to create a smooth, pore less canvas.

Sorbet under eye concealer – Fake a good night’s sleep with this nifty pen concealer with a brush tip applicator. Available in three shades.

Sorbet what a cheek brush stamp – This nifty blush features a built in applicator sponge for a no-mess pop of colour in one of three pretty shades.

Sorbet glow and tell highlighter – This golden glow award winner can be mixed with your foundation or primer for a radiant look, or simply dab on your upper cheek bones and temples for the perfect highlight.

Sorbet get lippy moisturizing lip colour – This long lasting formulation contains coconut and lanolin to nourish and moisturize your lips and it also contains sun protector. It is available in 12 stunning shades.

Products launch in 120 Clicks and 40 Sorbet stores from the 1st of March. For more information visit