Sometimes a facelift is as good as a holiday!

Benmore Shopping Centre got a facelift like no other, and now we’re moving in for shopping, manicures and everything in-between.

The luxurious Benmore center has undergone an extreme makeover – creating a space that oozes luxury, shopping and lifestyle for people who enjoy spending their time in a place that understands them.

Benmore is the ultimate destination in Sandton, succumbed with marble, glass finishes and luxurious features, a living wall, designer boutiques and an array of vibrant restaurants to satisfy any craving. Being the go-to Sandton centre for many, the excitement to unveil this finished masterpiece, allowing you to indulge in the lush revamp both inside and out, can’t be contained any longer.

Style has never looked so good, so excuse us while we pull in for our own makeover!