Shaken not stirred, and do you accept kidneys as payment?

A night out at Sandton’s VIP Room or Shimmy Beach Club might set you back R100 a cocktail but compared to these rare, unique and fabulously expensive drinks, that’s chump change, babe.

We’ve rounded up the most expensive cocktails in the world and where you can find them because when a creep asks to buy you a drink, you now know what to order.

The Kentucky Derby Mint Julep – R13 000 a drink.

kentucky derby mint julep

Every year at the Kentucky Derby more than 120,000 Mint Juleps are served over the two-day period of the race. But like everything in life, the wealthy race-goers get special treatment. Their Mint Juleps are slightly different and will set them back R13 000. The difference in drinks? This cocktail is not only served in a silver Tiffany & Co glass but the liquid itself is made with Woodford Reserve bourbon, Moroccan mint, sugar from the South Pacific, and to top it off, ice from the Arctic Circle. G-d bless rich people.

The original Mai Thai – R16 510 a drink

mai thai

Every white girl has had their fair share of Mai Thai’s with her girls while watching an episode of the Bachelor. So what makes this specific one so different? Well Belfast’s Merchant Hotel claims their Mai Tai is the original secret recipe. The drink originated in 1944 from Trader Vic’s, and the Merchant Hotel is the only place in the world using the same original rum that was used in 1944. You know what they say? Why wear fake LV? Only the original is good enough for daddy’s little princess.

Platinum Passion – R19 500 a drink

platinum passion

The Platinum Passion is one of New York’s most expensive drinks to date so it’s no surprise it was introduced on Valentine’s Day in 2005 (the way to a girl’s heart is money, right?) This sexual drink was served (subsequently the club has closed) at Duvet, a bed-themed bar… even sexier. What’s more fabulous than drinking a R19 500 drink in bed, while hot men dance around you?  So what’s in a Platinum Passion? Ruinart Champagne, passion fruit, honey, brown sugar, and L’esprit de Courvoisier. We don’t know what any of that means but who cares, it sounds expensive.

The Ritz-Paris Sidecar – R21 710 a drink


The Sidecar cocktail was born at the Hotel Ritz-Paris, so obvi it’s like the museum de sidecar (which comes with the price tag). This gorgeous drink is made with Cognac bottled between 1830 and 1870, making it one of the oldest alcohols on the planet as well. Dad, I said take the photo of my looking cute with a flash, G-d!


Sapphire Martini – R39 000 a drink


Who doesn’t love a game of roulette and a cocktail? At Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut class just came with a hefty price tag. The Sapphire Martini lives up to its name because it’s served with a pair of sapphire and diamond earrings on the side. Yip fuckboy, we’ll have one of those.


Diamond Cocktail – R56 550 a drink


London knows about style so keep up darling. The Sheraton Park Hotel’s Diamond Cocktail lives up to its name: it’s served with a real diamond inside of the drink. The best part? You can choose the gem inside. Where can we find a job to maintain our luxurious lifestyle?

Diamond is forever – R293 800 a drink

diamond rings

Ok, so you are basically paying for the diamond at this point because Grey Goose doesn’t cost this much! The Diamond Is Forever from the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo is voted the most expensive cocktail in the world oh and it comes with a ring. Less than 10 of these have been sold to date because well as ladies we kinda want to pick our own rings, right? This vodka with a lime twist and a diamond remains available in Tokyo’s tallest hotel for those romantics at heart.