Revamping date night

The early months of any relationship are blissfully romantic. Something as arbitrary as sharing a tin of tuna in your neighbour’s garage is considered foreplay. Don’t worry if you hate your partner and your date nights need a little inspiration – we’ve got you covered.

We’ve rounded up the top ten places across the country to reignite the flame. All you need is a man and the remnants of sexual chemistry.


Gourmet Picnic in the Joburg Botanical Gardens – The garden is beautiful and filled with lovers, families and their cute little dogs (just what you need when you hit that rut). Make it extra romantic by enlisting the help of professional picnic planners. Choose your basket of choice and let the professionals go ahead and set up a romantic sex den for you and your partner. Just remember actually doing ‘the deed’ in public is illegal. Our recommendation for the best picnic fairies?

Orbit Jazz Club – Braamfontein’s Orbit Jazz Club is a hidden, romantic gem. From the moment you walk up the stairs, the mood is sexy. Be serenaded by Africa’s best jazz musicians while you sip on Merlot and play footsie under the table. The food is delicious and the nights’ always seem to run into the early hours of the morning.

Tantra or sensual massage classes – It’s time to get freaky with your man and this doesn’t mean at home, alone, with a soy candle burning and Imagine Dragons playing in the background. This means in front of an instructor and/or class. Sometimes your sex life needs a little pick-me-up and how do you know it’s not in the form of Celtic sex magic?

Cape Town:

Tango Classes – There’s nothing more ‘feugo’ that you and your man rolling your bodies à la ‘Dirty Dancing Havana Nights’. If you pop a hip in the process, it’s worth it! Sign up for couples classes to add some heat to your love life. You know what they say, male dancers are good in bed. Wait, they said that right?

Ice skating at Grandwest Casino – Ice skating is always a romantic idea. Hang onto each other for dear life, pray you don’t fall and slip a disk and end the evening with a dinner or even better … at the black jack table gambling away your Christmas bonus. We’re in!

Sunset boat cruise at the V&A waterfront – Now this one’s a real crowd pleaser if you’re willing to go all-out. Rent a boat, sip champers and do ‘the deed’ on deck. If you’re on a budget, do all of that on a shared excursion while German tourists watch.


Riding bikes along the Golden Mile – Rent a bike and ride along the promenade. Nothing makes you feel like you’re in a Kate Hudson romcom more than bikes, ice cream and rigshaw rides.

Roma Revolving Restaurant – You had us at revolving. It’s quirky, different, and why sit stationary resenting the person that leaves the cap off the toothpaste, when you can do so revolving? Maybe all you need to reignite the passion is a different angle. 031 368 2275

Oyster Bar at the Oyster Box Hotel – Oysters are an aphrodisiac and so is good music and crisp champagne. Put on your slinkiest black dress (sans the granny panties) and head out for a night of cocktails and canapes with a breathtaking view. 031 514 5000