Revamp your man’s closet ASAP!

Girlfriends, think of it as a monthly subscription for your man, so that every month, he can put his most fashionable foot forward.

Timeless ModernMan is a fashion brand with a twist. They offer bespoke, custom-designed boxes of timeless accessories to give your wardrobe that extra flair. The best part? They’re delivered to your door every month, making the question ‘what to wear for date night?’ a thing of the past.

The brainchild of four best friends, Bronson Friedman, Chad Gullan, Chase le Roux, and Tyron Springer, Timeless ModernMan was a way for these school friends to come together and create a brand that was much needed during wedding seasons! Having had their share of being groomsmen and having to choose suits and accessory combinations that would give the big day that extra flair, the boys found finding the perfect accessories a difficult task. That’s where the idea for Timeless ModernMan came about; why not give consumers the opportunity to go online, choose either a pre-selected box of men’s accessories, or simply let the client customize their own box, with delivery to their door?

TMM offers a subscription based service where you can opt-in for a 3, 6 or 12 month offering. This allows customers to take advantage of massive savings and receive a pre-selected box featuring exciting new products on a monthly basis.  If you’re unsure of the subscription model at this stage, that’s not a problem, head over to the website, pick your products and customize your own box.

Please excuse us, we’re off to win the ‘best girlfriend award’ by signing our man up for a box of monthly spoils.