Raise the bar

Bar carts are so fabulous, why not make them the focal point of any room? Yes, we get DIY’ing can be daunting so we’ve put together the ultimate bar cart check-list to get you started.

  • Stock up on base spirits like Whiskey, Vodka, Tequila, Gin and Rum. (Don’t be afraid to choose your bottle based on the prettiest packaging. This is a décor feature too, after all).
  • Don’t forget your mixers! Get creative by ditching the run-of-the-mill lime or passionfruit for a mixer like elderflower.
  • Find the perfect cocktail shaker and let it be a center piece on your cart. Oh and a girl always needs a cute ice bucket and swizzle sticks, right?
  • It’s all about the glasses. Whether they be cocktail, rock or collins glasses find something vintage and pretty that suits your style.
  • Add flowers to your cart. The addition of living things feels intentional and will make your cart feel like it’s a part of your room’s design.
  • A bar cart may seem bold and dramatic on its own, but setting it in front of a statement wall ups the drama. So get creative with your wallpaper!