Princess Dian(e)a

Looking like Kate Middleton has to start somewhere and Diane Paris is the only prêt-a-porter line we would wear when meeting darling ol’ Lizzy.

The Diane story is one out of a movie. It’s the romcom dream life we have never been brave enough to live. The story began in Paris 2010, when model and entrepreneur Diana Tadjuideen decided to follow her dream and create a prêt-a-porter fashion collection inspired by and designed for the international woman who seeks strokes of Parisian sophistication in her wardrobe (yes that includes YOU sitting in your leggings reading this). We’re warning you, these clothes are so fabulous you’re going to need to ask for that structured 13th paycheck in advance.

By seamlessly merging her unique sense of Parisian femininity and timeless glamour she was able to introduced and establish the Diane Brand into the South African Fashion Scene.

Her touch is evident in every detail of the brand with her vision being to enable each of her clients to experience the feeling of chic sophistication whenever they step into one of her garments. And trust us, one night out in that slinky black dress and we’re feeling like Katherine Heigl on the set of The Killers. or 076 179 4010