Peace within the city

Hong Kong is known for its hustle and bustle, yet somewhere among the chaos sits the quaint, neighbourhood-centric Little Tai Hang… and our trips to our favourite Asian city just got a little trendier.

Hidden between Causeway Bay and North Point, Little Tai Hang is our home away from home in Hong Kong. With views of the lush greenery to the South and the Victoria Harbour to the North, it’s no secret why this new boutique hotel has our vote for the best city escape. Closer views of the quaint street life, temple and park can be enjoyed from the cosy terraces, open spaces and restaurants that are spread throughout the hotel, made up of beautifully glazed concave tiles and a coal fired brick façade.

Everything about Little Tai Hang is an interior decorators dream and from the moment you step into the lobby it’s as if you are entering an old friend’s living room complete with a library, fireplace and hand-selected works created by local artists. However, it’s the rooms that feel as if you are returning home to the familiarity of a childhood bedroom. Interiors are subtly accented with mid-century touches as well as the hint of a colour, adding warmth and character to your cosy, yet spacious boudoir. The design wholeheartedly embraces the simplicity of a home away from home, leaving space for the clutter of our daily lives and the personal character that we gradually add to our own spaces.

Décor is a cool mix of custom-made designs and accessories from local boutiques to fit the utterly charming Little Tai Hang back story (the tale of four animals that befriended each other during their travels in Tai Hang). The lamps and decorative trinkets are in the shapes of rabbits, dogs and whales hinting at a larger extension of the characters and storylines that make up the whole neighbourhood.

Rooms come in studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom or three-bedroom penthouse with a full gym, lounge and partnering restaurants all in-house. Paired with a private art collection, Little Tai Hang offers something truly different from anything else in Hong Kong- privacy and convenience, familiarity and warmth, breath-taking views and a neighbourhood full of charm.

It’s no surprise that when in Hong Kong, you will find us exploring the neighbourhood, spending time in the library or sitting on the terrace of Little Tai Hang with a cup of coffee in hand, taking in everything this incredible neighbourhood has to offer. A neighbourhood that has us returning time and time again.