Paradise on earth

There’s nothing quite like arriving in the tropical paradise of Mauritius and being met with the fresh, damp smell of island air. Our favourite hideaway? Salt of Palmar.

Located on the east of the island, this ‘boutique’ resort is everything rum adverts and Instagram feeds are made of. Created by the Lux* Hotel group, Salt is the island’s first, fully sustainable resort, where luxury and environmentally friendly hospitality merge.

From the moment you arrive at the hotel, you are greeted as if you’re coming home. There is no traditional ‘reception’ area, rather guests are invited to start their vacation with a ten-minute meditation. Large open plan walkways make sure that guests always get a glimpse of the sun twinkling over the aquamarine water (as if winking in an invitation for one to abandon everything and immerse yourself). The bright colours of the resort are reminiscent of the vivid cultures of the island, from fresh creole cooking, the luminous colours of traditional Indian sarees, the burning blonde sun, blue waters and lush green sugar cane fields; inhabited by bright-eyed and barefoot children, running as fast as the wind and as connected to the soil of paradise as we could only ever dream.

Everything about Salt draws you into the centuries-old love affair tourists have had with the island. Fresh local cooking, specially designed cocktails reminiscent of the islands’ cambers and the oceans tumultuous yet placid beauty and interior design have all been carefully thought out. Our favourite thing about Salt is that the ‘waste culture’ of traditional buffet resorts is eliminated with every meal freshly prepared on order and with only local produce.

With incredible sliding doors opening to the smell of the salt air, each room is perfectly decorated, encapsulating the vision creators had for the hotel. The most talked about topic at breakfast? Your bed. Designed by a Swedish chiropractor, Carpe Diem beds feature a clever contour pocket system that puts the padding that is usually on top of springs into springs. It makes the bed feel cloud-like and pressure free yet supportive in all the right areas. Topped with only the softest and cooling organic linen, Salt has made sure that no one suffers from jet lag. However, if one finds themselves awake at 5 am, there is always something to do (with an interactive hotel app to make sure you are making the most of your time on the island).

Salt guests will be immersed into the heart of Mauritian life, with the opportunity to connect directly with locals via Skill Swap. This means they exchange their time, talent & skills to the local people. Guests of salt can also join our local suppliers and see their work or passion. From pottery with Janine at her Pamplemousses studio or early morning fishing with Kishor, to coaching the local football team with Fabrice or basket weaving with Mrs Bulleeram in Brisée Verdière –SALT has friends doing incredible things all over the island and guests are invited to share their passion.

Every guest will receive a copy of THISISMAURITIUS–a new guide book created by the talented locals who know the people and places that make the island tick. Maps, local SIM cards and the SALT app unearth the local knowledge on hidden gems. The hotel’s fleet of cool blue Mini Coopers or bikes can be hired to explore nearby villages, temples and markets. If staying at the resort is ‘more your thing’, guests can enjoy bi-daily yoga classes on the sand, stand-up paddleboard session on the pool or horse rides along the beach.

Salt also offers a world-class spa, including a salt room, five treatment rooms and a team of local therapists offering a pick and mix of salt-based treatments to energise, relax, detoxify and rejuvenate.

If we could only recommend one vacation destination in Mauritius, the salt experience would be it. And how we can’t wait to ditch the New York snow for a little piece of paradise, all over again.

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