OMG, ‘new year, new me’

Every year I spend January 1st breaking enough of a sweat to last me the rest of the year (quite literally). This year, instead of ‘get a hot body’, I decided on something I might just be able to stick to until 2018.

In 2017 everyone wants to be skinny, find their dream heart surgeon fiancé who has a vacation home in Camps Bay (and a spare Range Rover for you to flit around in). Second on the list is eating healthy, taking care of your health and more regular visits to see your Grandmother with dementia. This year, I finally waved goodbye to ‘Grant’ my orthopedic surgeon and the potential of our dream wedding in Langebaan for something a little different …  more kindness.

Being a better human in 2017 is something we can all work towards. With 2016 being hailed as ‘the worst year ever’ and our world seeing more senseless deaths, wars and displaced people than before, maybe instead of wishing for a beautiful world, we can be beautiful in this world.

Last year, I embarked on a kindness campaign and implemented five things that I could incorporate into my day.

  1. Compliment people more – How often do we think something about a stranger but never verbalize it? If the woman in the queue in front of you has flawless hair, tell her! We’re not aware of what battles others are going through, so spread kindness wherever you go. Your compliment might just be what is needed in that person’s life on that specific day.
  2. Go out of your way to be kind – Does your eighty year old gran need help re-booting her DStv again? Swing past her retirement home and help her with all the things she gets flustered over. It’s an hour of your time but it will make such a difference in her life – even if she’s an annoying old bat who drives you insane.
  3. Keep tinned food in your car for the less fortunate – Instead of giving money, keep tinned food or a pocket of oranges in your car for those less fortunate than yourself. A small gesture goes a long way.
  4. Find a charity to dedicate one Saturday a month to – Whether it be the SPCA or a baby home, let other beings’ feel loved, so they in turn are taught how to love those around them.
  5. Do nice things for your co-workers– Make an effort to speak to them nicely, write down when it’s their birthdays and bring them something small and most importantly be patient (especially with the new girl in accounts who might be a couple bulbs short in a tan bed). Speaking nicely to people encourages a happy working environment.

And who knows, by implementing kindness into your life, you might just find your surgeon fiancé. If not, at least you won’t be a miserable bitch with no friends.