‘OMG, I have to Instagram these!’

Online flower deliveries were so 2015. The new kid on the block? Instagram celeb ‘Bloomfield Bespoke Flower Boxes’.  If your man hasn’t sent you a box yet, why is he not your ex?

Every girl deserves beautiful flowers (for no other reason than to let her know she’s pretty). Bloomfield Bespoke Flower Boxes not only say ‘I love you’ but do so in serious ‘pop culture’ style.

The flower box trend which has taken Pinterest, Insta and our hearts by storm is brought to life by South African stylist and florist, Kate Argo, who hand makes each bouquet with precision and love. What Kate loves most about her flowers? Seeing the look on her customers’ faces when they are hand-delivered their beautiful blooms. ‘It’s so magical to be a part of people’s special moments’.

Having styled flowers for some of South Africa’s biggest magazine publications, Kate is finally bringing her blooms to ‘the real world’ and has been inundated with orders since Bloomfield’s launched in January this year (Their clients included the one and only diamond powerhouse, Cartier).

Roses let you know your man loves you. Roses in a box ? They let you know he respects your need to share said bouquet on the Instagram because let’s face it … normal flowers will no longer suffice.

Boxes start from R380

Email to order: bloomfieldblooms@gmail.com