Not your average soap-on-a-rope

Getting soap for your birthday is not what it used to be with SA’s most luxurious bath time accessories.

The French Lemon is the name on every Joburg girl’s lips and for very good reason! The mother-daughter run company based in Bryanston makes bath time a luxury while their products are 100% cruelty free.

‘We started The French Lemon shortly after we rescued a French Bulldog called Ian (he is the face of the French Lemon) in March 2017 says co-founder, Kara Baker. ‘We’ve always been supportive of anti-animal testing products and therefore none of our products have been tested on animals… so that leaves testing on willing humans like family and friends, Kara quips! ‘We use natural oils with no added animal products’.

This creative duo loves making unique soaps and bath products for clients to add to their collections. ‘All our soaps are kaolin clay, coconut oil and shea butter based which makes your skin will feel smooth, silky and moisturized.’ Our products are all palm oil free as we do not support deforestation.

The best part about their soaps? They are all SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) free, meaning we use a natural surfactant to make the soap foam. The SLS chemical has loads of disadvantages which can cause skin irritations as well as many other disruptions to the body.

Their current product range consists of;

Bath Milk

Epsom Salt Rocks

Eye Masks

Lip Ice (Hemp)

Lip Scrubs

Magnesium Oil

Massage Oil

Natural Hair Conditioner

Natural Shampoo Bars

Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

Pumice Bars

Shaving Cream


Soap – Glycerine

Soap – Shea Butter & Kaolin Clay

Soy Body Butter candles

Salt Scrubs

Sugar scrubs