Next Century Cosmetics

First came disposable make-up wipes, then vibrating mascara. In 2018 we’re kicking it up a notch with these ‘Jetson’ type cosmetics. Yip, they’re that tech savvy.


We’re always on the lookout for cool new skincare and cosmetic products and these products are revolutionary.

Lip Voltage

 This lip (moisture) stick is from heaven and is about as revolutionary as they come! With 7 formulations in one tube you can choose to moisture or plump up your lips (or both). Step one is just plump, no tingle. The high you turn the voltage, the hotter it gets. This is perfect for people wanting the effect of lip fillers without actually getting them. What’s even better? If you have lip fillers already, they work even better! Our pro tip? Massage above the lip line for better results.

 Chamber made colorgenics

 This is the lipstick of the future. It contains seven colours in one dispensing system which means you can tailor make your shade according to your outfit or mood. It coats lips evenly in one stroke; the high pigment lip colour creates a high gloss shine, without tackiness or bleeding of colour. The best part? It contains vitamin E to smooth and protect the lips from cracking and drying as well as being free from paraben and sulfates.

Dreamweave Lash Magnet Mascara

 This mascara is a silicone and silky nylon based mascara. This is the original Dreamweave mascara, dubbed as the eyelash extension in a tube by the press. Used by top make-up artists and salon professionals it has no-clump, no smudge or no panda eye formulations, meaning it is perfect for nights out, the gym or other sports activities (or a marathon of the Notebook!)

Dreamweave treatment lash construct

 This is a nourishing peptide based lash serum that contains wide lash. It is clinically proven to thicken the roots and stems of the lashes within 14 days and also help repair damaged follicles. Apply with your wand; coat each lash from the root to tip, with the clear ultra-fine serum. It can be used on natural or false lashes as it is oil free. It can also be used on brows to encourage growth.

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