If you know me, you would know that I’d rather listen to an entire Pitbull album on repeat than work up a sweat in the gym. But how can you not enjoy a little Nama-“slay” when your exercise class feels like a party?

Situated in the heart of trendy Sea Point, Cape Town, is Wild Thing Yoga Studio which offers heated Vinyasa yoga classes – and it is not your typical hippy hangout. Don’t feel bad if you missed your Echinacea drops this morning ‘cos this Yoga Studio is not only a den for earth-loving yogis but also a space for girls like me. How can it not be when their slogan is ‘Get your chakras aligned AF’?

This little haven of zen was opened by two young 20-something millennials who have got working out so right. Whether you’re a beginner or a novice, work outs are a little more modern and a little less intimidating. With unconventional classes on offer like ‘Broga’ (Yoga for Bros) and ‘Flow So Hot (Hip- Hop inspired yoga where the playlist is as hot as the room!), you won’t be tempted to snooze your alarm or try and justify skipping a lesson any time soon!

No need to panic if your love life has become as dull as Kristen Stewart – spice it up with candle –lit, restorative yoga classes while taking in the view of the mountain.  Nothing could be sexier!

And if you’re getting hot and heavy thanks to that terrible, bourgeois central heating of yours then clearly you don’t know their style, because this studio only uses an infrared heating system which heats the body rather than the room and penetrates the muscles at a cellular level.

Why are you still reading this? They had us sold at Hip- Hop playlist!






WILD THING – Yoga & Body Conditioning