My number one travel buddy

Being totally paranoid about ageing and totally obsessed with the cutting edge in skincare technology, it was a ‘no brainer’ I took Vichy’s Mineral 89 with me on my recent world tour. The verdict? I refuse to travel without it in the future.

Going into summer with a problem skin is never easy. My skin always seems to act up as soon as I travel and I knew that spending two months in New York and Dubai would mean me breaking out as much as a prepubescent teenager. I had heard that Vichy had come out with a new skincare product to use post –cleansing consisting of Vichy Thermal water (for hydration) as well as Hyaluronic Acid (the perfect component for anti-ageing). The product which promises to reverse the visible ageing signs caused by pollution, stress and fatigue is the new generation of face moisturizer.

Living with my boyfriend in New York, I saw just how effective Mineral 89 is (he tends to rummage through my products and only use the ones that interest him or seem to work). By the end of two weeks my Mineral 89 was almost finished and I had to limit him to using it once a day!).

As for me? Hydration is the only way to get rid of my dehydrated and oily skin. Mineral 89 not only left my skin feeling plush and pumped, it drastically improved the redness on my cheeks that I usually have to hide under base.

The product, which is a more advanced version (in my opinion) of the Mineralizing Thermal Water, pumps water into your skin as you apply it, upping the ante on the skin’s hydration levels – almost like what green juice does for the digestive system.

The best part? The product doesn’t contain colourants, is fragrance free and perfect for sensitive and problem skin. But aside from all these reasons, the main reason why you should use it? My boyfriend who has ZERO beauty product experience or any knowledge of beauty brands to be biased says it was his favourite in my toiletry bag. Boys never lie when it comes to setting the record straight on girly products (after all this is the same guy who told me I need to throw my spray tan out because I look orange and it smells, see?).