‘Mom, have you seen my cell phone?!?’

If you don’t ask your mother or housemate that question at least twice a day, we know you’re lying! We’re not big techies but this gadget is even better than ‘Find my iPhone’ ‘cos it works even if your phone is off!

No more frantically scrambling to find your phone to see if Jake from Tinder has replied to your text.  This little piece of technology reunites you with your phone wherever you have lost it (whether it be under that heap clothing in the change room at Zara or at Shimmy where you were doing one too many shots). HomingPIN is literally our tech gadget of the week and you can use it on Keys, mobile phones, cameras, i-pads, laptops, passports and wallets.

HomingPIN offers baggage loops with tags, key rings and stickers that have a unique identification number on them. This number gets activated online prior to using the tag, and is linked to the owner’s email address and cellphone number. If someone finds a cellphone, keys, baggage, or any other item that has a HomingPIN tag on it, they can easily notify the owner by visiting www.homingpin.com and entering the unique identification number, as well as their contact details. The owner is immediately notified via SMS and email, and is able to contact the founder to retrieve their belongings. Finders are not given the owner’s contact details, however, so it is up to the owner to make contact first.

HomingPIN is integrated with the worldwide World Tracer system, which all baggage handlers have access to. For airlines, HomingPIN will instantly provide information on the bag’s whereabouts when it is found. The airline will then contact the owner to arrange transfer of the goods. What’s more, is that HomingPIN can provide reasonably-priced transportation of your found goods, from anywhere in the world. Because HomingPIN works internationally, your phone will be protected anywhere around the world.

HomingPIN packs are available at select Cape Union Mart Stores and online at www.takealot.com