Mntl for Dntl

We’re totally mental for New York’s FIRST  walk-in bar dental bar ‘cos who doesn’t love watching Friends while getting their teeth cleaned.

Dntl is the solution to overcoming the childhood trauma we suffered at dentist offices growing up. This walk-in studio in Chelsea offers cleaning, whitening, orthodontics and dental services. The best part? There is no appointment needed! With Dntl, you can just show up and see a dentist because gone are the days of waiting three weeks for an appointment.

With services at an affordable rate, skipping your yearly check-up is a thing of the past. We visited their gorgeous offices to see their oral hygienist for The Clean PLUS ($225 without insurance). Our editor was whisked into one of their modern dental appointment rooms where she was greeted with a large flat-screen TV playing Friends, a soft blanket and comfortable reclining chair. Her appointment started off with a high-tech dental and mouth cancer scan, followed by a full cleaning and tea tree oil gum massage.

If one has little time to spare, The Clean, is a full dental clean without the scans and cancer screenings ($175).  In-between cleanings, Dntl urges clients to come in for other smaller services such as the blast away, which includes the removal of dental stains from wine or coffee, a comprehensive floss and polish ($95).

If you’re going on a special date, don’t worry, Dntl has you covered. With their specially formulated date night treatment, clients can pop in to the practice for a polish, floss and go ($75). For $275 dollars clients can visit for an express whitening laser treatment which lightens teeth by in just 30 minutes.

What we found to be the coolest treatment on offer? Their fever blister zap, (a laser treatment for the immediate relief from those pesty and extremely painful canker and cold sores) $125.

Dntl’s philosophy is that everyone should have access to a simply healthier lifestyle. That is why after your first visit you become part of their loyalty program. This offers you promos to receive Dntl services at special discounts, access to events and wellness panels in your area and to be a part of their larger philanthropic program which for every repeat cleaning, Dntl makes a donation to their global charity partners.

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