Microblade or nah?

Bella Thorne started the trend when she live streamed her micro blading session. The world (and, well me) followed suit. I ask the question, what is it really like to tattoo my face?!?’

I spent six months debating whether or not I should get micro blading. The fact that it was permanent was what put me off. However, the FOMO of scrolling so many ‘before and after pics’ on the ‘gram was the final push I needed to get those picture perfect brows. My advice? GO TO NICOL FRANK!

After trolling the best micro blading accounts in the country, there was only one place I trusted and that was Blush (owned by the brow queen Nicol Frank). Not only does she work between Cape Town and Joburg and does the faces of SA’s hottest socialites, she did the brows of international Model Chelsea Rose Le Roux. Let’s face it, if the face of GHD could trust Nicol with her brows, then I definitely could!

I’ve put together a step by step process of the entire micro blading process and added some hard learned tips (Yes Nicol, you were right about the aftercare I didn’t follow through with). Like everyone else in the world I thought I was unique and that my healing process would be different. News flash, I wasn’t and if I could go back I would have followed these tips much more closely.

  1. Numbing cream is applied to the brows before the micro blading begins. No, it is not a painful process at all. At most it feels like a light scrapping.
  2. The whole process was actually super quick. When my new brows were done I got quite a fright. THEY LOOKED TOO DARK!! I was like my polite sixteen year old self at the hairdresser, ‘I love them! Really I was freaking at how dark they were. Relax, they really do fade, she hasn’t messed up.
  3. Nicol will give you ink to put on the brows the first night to add a deeper colour to the brow. I didn’t put it on because I was freaking out over how dark my brows looked. If you take one piece of advice from me… PUT THE BLOODY INK ON! The brows fade and you will actually want that darker shade.
  4. Moisturize with coconut oil. If you don’t moisturize you will peel more drastically and the quicker the scabs come off, the patchier you will be.
  5. You will scab, calm down Beyoncé, you’re human and not a special case.
  6. A week later once your scabs have fallen off, you will want to rush to the ER immediately because the beautiful brows you can come to love have disappeared. Calm down, the ink WILL come to the top of the skin after a few weeks.

Over all feedback? Getting brows was the best thing I ever did. I can now wake up in bed next to my boyfriend in the morning without looking like an overweight troll. Now I’m just overweight. Thanks Nicol, I love you and my brows!!!!

Blush, 082 354 7743 or email nicol@blushsouthafrica.com