Love yourself(ie)

How would the world know you were in a spin class, at your favourite restaurant or even in New York, if it weren’t for the selfie?  With the new Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra and these tips, we will have you perfecting the art of the selfie!

Hailed as the ultimate dual selfie camera smartphone, with an impressive 6” display made for big-screen entertainment, the Xperia XA2 Ultra packs two selfie cameras, so you can capture any moment in perfect clarity, day or night, alone or with a group of friends. Put the Sony to the test (with these killer selfie tips) and you could stand a chance to win a R1000 gift voucher. Pretty darn amazing, right?

  1. Pose on point!
    If you take three things from this tip, it should be angle, angle and angle! Getting the perfect angle for your selfie is the most important thing. The international selfie pose consists of chin up, head tilted slightly to the side, eyes cast down in a come-hither manner and a cheeky smile/pout to finish off the look. This sounds like a precise science – and it is! If your neck isn’t stiff after snap number four, you’re doing it wrong. Need inspiration? Kim Kardashian West
  2. Glam on fleek
    If doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, whether it’s jeans and a tee or nothing (a la Miley Cyrus) the trick to looking amazing in a selfie is to have your hair and make-up on point! Whether it’s a natural glow or full-on make-up, if everything above your neck is on fleek you’re bound for selfie success. The perfect way to get that ‘just out of bed look’ is to add a few curls to your hair with a curling wand. Remember to keep it light and natural if you want people to believe you ‘woke up like this’.
  3. #Blessed
    ‘Let there be no selfie except a hash tagged selfie’ is the golden rule of the ‘gram. In order to finish off that perfect pic, gain more followers and get more likes, the hash tag is a must. The most popular hash tags on Instagram are #blessed #smile #love and #amazing.
  4. Lights, camera, action
    Nothing turns a four into a 10 like perfect lighting. Always stand with the light shining directly on you for a fresh-faced snap. Natural light is always the best, so get outside for that perfect shot. If your snap-worthy moment presents itself in the evening, always use the back camera on your phone so the flash adds radiance to your image. With good lighting and hair you’re halfway to being the next Kylie Jenner.
  1. Props please
    There ain’t no selfie like a fun girl’s selfie. If you want that fun and carefree snap you need to find a puppy, a baby or a group of girlfriends, and FAST! Nothing says fun-loving like a selfie with a golden retriever puppy. Now fake laugh and wait for the likes to roll in. Queen of props: Cara Delevingne.
  1. Caption conscious
    A selfie is not complete without the perfect caption. No one likes to read an inspirational quote accompanying a picture of you in a bikini. Short, catchy captions or rhetorical questions are perfect for engaging with your followers. Get some ideas from the queen of captions, model Queen of captions: Jenny Mollen.

Whilst selfies are really about you, nothing makes taking a selfie as meaningful as capturing the moment with friends. Thanks to Sony’s wide-angle lens and 6” Full HD screen, you can fit all your friends into the frame without compromising quality.

Now that you have the recipe for the perfect selfie, get out there and make us proud!

The Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra is available from all major retailers for R7999