Keeping tabs on your skin

A naked eye can’t see skin problems, that’s why we recommend this groundbreaking skin analysis.

In a search for fairer, younger and healthier skin, knowledge is an invaluable tool. The more we know about your skin, the better the treatment plan we will be able to provide in order to achieve the best results and prevent further damage. If you want to know precisely what your skin problems may be, then VISIA is for you.

Knowing your unique skin profile is the first step towards complexion health and vitality. VISIA can determine the state of your skin, both on the surface and underneath it. The multispectral image and analysis from the VISIA system gives a clear, multidimensional insight into the individual aspects of your complexion which affects your overall look, and serves as a guide in personalized skin treatment programme.

VISIA professional facial skin analysis assesses the following factors:

  • Visible spots (irregularities occurring on the skin surface – blemishes, scars, age spots and other spots)
  • Wrinkles (aging results, most common around the eyes and mouth)
  • Texture (peaks and valleys – blue dots show the valleys, and yellow dots show the peaks)
  • Pores (small openings spread all over the skin)
  • UV spots (sun damage spots on the surface and in deeper layers of skin)
  • Brown spots (loss of skin colour including localized hyperpigmentation, melasma under the eyes, and moles)
  • Red areas (redness caused by spider veins, Rosacea, inflammations or swelling consequences)
  • Porphyrin (natural bacteria that can live in pores and cause swelling).

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