Is the ice cream as good as the Instagram?

How do you know someone is in Cape Town on vacay? Oh, that’s easy! They’re either posing in an over-sized bird’s nests at Babylonstoren or with a Crumbs and Cream sandwich. The journalist in us asks the question, ‘Is the ice cream as good as the Instagram?’

Sea point’s hottest ice cream store has taken social media by storm and holiday makers are planning a trip to ‘candy land’ before their Mango plane ticket is even booked. So how does this chic and unique parlour measure up to the big boys like Häagen-Dazs?  Well, the fact that Crumbs and Cream is ‘hot and happening’ is a big draw card and their Oreo flavoured ice cream definitely adds a few extra points to their scoreboard.

In our opinion their ‘crumbs’ are much better than their cream (those choc-chip biscuits are literally better than a post-hookup message from someone you’re vibing). Don’t get us wrong, their ice cream is delish, it’s just that the crumbs steal the show (and it’s for that reason we bought a box of ten to take home).

If you want our insider secret, take a box of biscuits to-go because when eaten with ice cream they become soggy and are so much better crunchy and fresh. So yes, take your insta to be ‘in vogue’ but be sure to try one separate. Our top flavours? Brownie, milktart and oatmeal.

Our final verdict? Yes, these sandwiches’ are worth getting fat on, so get that camera ready!