Into the mind of the F* Boy

We’re going where no girl has been before… into the mind of the F*ck Boy, ‘cos who isn’t dying to know what really happens to our nudes after we break up?

Fuck Boy (noun): A guy whose sole purpose in life is to get sexual with girls. He will either ask for nudes within 5 minutes of meeting you, or slowly build your trust and then ask for nudes multiple times a day.

Yip, you all know one (with their BMW 1series and tight V-neck t-shirts). We’ve got the answers you are dying to know and they are so NSFW. We’ve just proved what we’ve always thought … men are pigs.

 Have you ever told a girl you were with that you love her just so that she would feel more comfortable to have sex with you? Did you feel guilty about this?

Guy 1:  I told my ex towards the end of my relationship that I loved her, but I don’t think I did.

Guy 2: I felt bad the first time but realize it works so I keep pulling the move.

What is the most ‘fuckboy’ thing you have thought during giving oral sex?

Guy 1: She bleeds and pees from here.

Guy 2: What if she pees in my mouth?

Guy 3: There is no question I’m the best at doing this.

 Why do you ask for a girls number if you have no intention of texting her?

Guy 1: Because it’s a game and getting a girl’s number feels like a mini victory. I get lazy and actually talking feels like admin. It’s always good to know you have her number in case you decide to ever put it to use.

Guy 2: Because it confirms what I have always believed to be true. I am royalty and can obtain any digits I wish.

Guy 3: I was either drunk or I am not in the mood to get to know another crazy bitch.

Have you ever ‘DM’d a girl with a boyfriend’ and what was your intention of this?

Guy 2: DM’d no. Texted or messaged, yes. My intention is the intention of any person doing this. To play games and occupy my time. If she responds, I’m saving her boyfriend from years of heartbreak. It is a win-win.

Guy 3: I have, we all want what we can’t have. It’s nice to get feelers out; I’ll know if I’m on her list when she breaks up.

Would you ever stay with a girlfriend even though you are no longer in love with her because of the sex?

 Guy 1: Absolutely not, it’s never worth it for either of you and ends up turning into a disaster.

Guy 2: Sex does a lot for a relationship. Some say Sex and love go hand in hand. If the Sex is bad is there really love?

Guy 3: Probably not, every vagina gets old. At best ill make her a side chick.

Tell us honestly what you do with our nudes after we break up?

Guy 1: I never back up my phone, I delete them because I need the storage or my phone ends breaking, on to the next girl.

Guy 2: If I was heartbroken, delete that shit.  If not, deposit them to the nude bank.

Guy 3: I’ll never tell.

Do you expect the girl to put out after a date if you have paid for her?

 Guy 1: I wouldn’t go through the trouble of taking a girl out on a proper date just so I can get it in. If you want it that bad, “skip the date part”.

Guy 2: Depends, but I definitely expect a little something- something.

Guy 3: Yes

Do you have a rule on how long you take to reply to a girl’s text? And what is the logic behind this?

Guy 1: It all depends on the girl your texting. For example, I instantly vibed with this dime last year, we would have 3 convos in 1 while sending essays back and forth to each other…by the minute. There’s no rules in my book.

Guy 2: Yes. Minimum 1 hour. If you can push for 2 hours then do it. Girls want what they can’t have.

Guy 3: It’s a never ending game; always make them sweat it out. When you win, there are no more rules.

 What is the most ‘fuck boy’ thing you have ever done?

Guy 1: Orgy in college. I remember thinking this was the most fuck boy thing I’ve ever experienced.

Guy 2: Had a girl sleep over after a night filled with activities. After I came to my senses that there is a stranger in my bed I decided to play clean-up at 5 in the morning and sent her on her way. I really do miss college.

Guy 3: All fuckboys like to share the experience together. We call it the big DP “double play” at the same time…if you know what I mean.

 Do you tell your boys about our sex and why do you do this?

 Guy 1: If you don’t like the girl, yes. If you like the girl, no.

Guy 2: Yes. Because what is the point of having sex if you can’t share the stories with the people you love.

Guy 3: Half the fun of good sex is to share the love with your boys.