Instagram’s hottest ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Eish Kream

Eish Kream is the cutting edge of ice cream because who wouldn’t want to try South Africa’s first and only cold-pressed spaghetti ice cream?

For Yaseera Essack Carrim, inspiration hit in a tiny European cafe. She brought the concept of cold-pressed spaghetti ice cream back home to Durban, South Africa and Eish Kream was born in January 2017.
Yaseera began with an activated charcoal range, a black, sexy ice cream unlike any other. Her next creation was the brightly coloured Unicorn Tears and this hot new summer must-have is now in over  40 outlets in Johannesburg and Durban, with plans to hit Cape Town come summer.

Made with organic milk and cream, and using as many natural flavours as possible it is served in a cup, sugar cone, taco, edible cup or in an on-the-go recyclable box.
Yaseera doesn’t plan to stop there. She is in the process of testing savoury ice cream options, as well as creating a range of dairy free flavours suitable for vegans.

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