I’m lovin’ it

What’s better than a Big Mac? A Big Mac Onesie! McDonald’s just launched their first apparel line and we demand a show at Fashion Week.

For those of us who are McDonald fans and need to eat our 12 piece nugget meal in matching attire, our dreams came true when the burger chain announced their clothing range … and it’s hot AF.

In addition to a nugget dunker, (because who has time in 2017 to dunk their own nuggets) the burger chain has released onesies, blankets and sick sliders (perfect for our early morning hangover trips to McD’s ofcourse).

Sadly the line which launched in June is not available in SA yet, so if you have any friends or family heading to the USA, you know what’s on your gift list!

World Famous Jumpsuit


World Famous Sliders


Nugget Dunker 


McMuffin Hoodie


Big Mac Pillow 


Big Mac Onesie


Burger and Fries Blanket