I went for a ‘vagina renovation’ and here’s what happened.

The world’s hottest beauty craze has come to Joburg… and it’s not what you’re expecting, at all.

Believe it or not, I am not much of an adventurous beauty writer. When it comes to things such as vagina facials, I tend to run in the opposite direction. I am under the old school mindset that one shouldn’t fix ‘what ain’t broke’ and have therefore up until now, left my lady bits alone. However, having fair hair and waxing over the years has left me with one or two ingrown scars (and while I didn’t like them, I never actively sort a way to have them removed – because that’s like drastic, right?)

It wasn’t until I heard about a hot new treatment offered at Grace Skin and Wellness in Parkmore that I decided to give the ‘Vagina renovation’ a go (and only because they promised not to go anywhere near my vagina with steamed herbs like many other off- the-wall salons offer when attempting to make a quick buck off rich housewives).

In fact, what I loved about the Grace Skin and Wellness Vagina Renovation, was that it was completely external and didn’t go anywhere near my lady bits, sticking to treating the pubic bone only (it’s main purpose – getting rid of old ingrown scars).

I was a little nervous when I arrived for my appointment but was soon put at ease by Lisa, Grace Skin and Wellness’s highly qualified aesthetician. The treatment was done in a private treatment room where we spoke about everything from the latest anti-ageing treatments to the benefits of reflexology and before I knew it, I felt as if Lisa and I had been friends for years.

The treatment started with a cleanse and exfoliation of the pubic bone area (please note it is best to come for you V facial one week after waxing). Lisa then steamed the area to open the pores of the skin and applied a numbing cream so that she could get to work removing those stubborn scars with micro needling. Believe it or not, thanks to her miracle numbing cream, I didn’t feel a thing!

Micro needling which has gained immense popularity over the last few years is highly recommended as an effective means to treat fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, acne or other scarring, stretch marks or hyperpigmentation. Therefore it is the perfect way to get rid of those unsightly ingrown scars.

After the micro needling was done, Lisa applied a hydrating mask to the area she had just microneedled to curb any irritation and while it worked its way into the skin, she performed foot reflexology all the while identifying areas of distress in my body.

While this treatment is unconventional and completely out of my comfort zone, I can attest to the fact that it really works! While Grace Skin and Wellness recommend 3-4 sessions, I can see a remarkable difference after just one. So the verdict is in … will I go back? Absolutely!

R750 a session. To book contact Grace Skin and Wellness 011 883 2760