I like my men with beards

Ladies, we all know that a bearded man is the way to our heart, right, Casey Affleck?  This post is dedicated to worshiping and maintaining the beard (and an excuse to perv on your Friday tea break).

Some men are luckier than others when it comes to growing a sexy GQ model beard. If your man has been trying (dismally) don’t worry! There is finally a product to help him look like Khal Drogo in no time… and it must have been invented by a beard-loving woman.

This summer, FINO Cosmetics released an exciting new beard oil for men and it promises for have a Justin Bieber looking like an Abraham Lincoln overnight.

FINO Beard and Shave Oil nourishes and moisturises beards, making the hair softer and more manageable.

FINO Beard and Shave Oil hi res


Directions for use:

Apply to your beard directly after washing your face.

FINO Beard and Shave Oil is available at Dis-Chem and Clicks for R135.

Oh, and it wouldn’t be very nice of us if we didn’t include some of the hottest bearded men for your viewing pleasure. Happy Friday!