I got lip fillers… and it was no big deal.

I’ve always been anxious about putting strange substances into my body, hence why I never contemplated lip fillers … until I took the plunge.

There is a lot of information on the internet regarding lip fillers and Botox (something I honestly thought I would never get). It was only when a friend kept urging me to go that I made an appointment with Dr Matteo at Lightsculpt to ‘see what it’s all about’. I was petrified that I would have a stroke or heart attack from lip filler filtering to my brain… because that’s what you read on Google, right?

Dr Matteo was so accommodating and was patient with my paranoia. Most importantly, he listened to my request and did my lips EXACTLY as I wanted them. I have heard stories of painful and bruised lips post filler but my experience was nothing short of perfect.

This is what everyone needs to know (or may have questions about).

  1. It is not painful at all (in fact Lightsculpt uses a numbing cream pre-filler).
  2. Dr Matteo listens to his patients and doesn’t go filler happy.
  3. He uses Juvaderm Volbella (which is a soft granny filler and perfect for that natural look).
  4. You don’t need a skin test before fillers because it is made of Hylauronic Acid which is a natural component of the body.
  5. I had no bruises.
  6. Dr Matteo makes markers around the boarder of your lips and administers the filler evenly to give you a natural looking cupid’s bow.
  7. The whole thing took about 10 minuets
  8. I felt the filler going into my lips but it was more of a weird feeling than painful.
  9. Would I do it again? Absolutely!

To book your lip filler visit www.lightsculpt.co.za