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Our skin is our biggest investment and we’ve found the product that’s naturally as effective as botox. Yes, we look 19 again.

We are beyond obsessed with Theravine’s new IceCrystal technology range. This science savvy skincare is inspired by the survival powers of algae, even when facing the harshest conditions on earth. Taking the resistance found in ice crystal technology, combined with the splendour of stem cells, Theravine created their premium line of time resistant skincare.

Ice Crystal Technology rejuvenates and protects the skin at cellular level and strengthens the cells’ defence mechanism by reducing its caloric output which allows it to survive far beyond normal expectation – a scientific breakthrough in the field of skin youth preservation.

Our top picks of the range?



Second to the eye area, the neck is normally one of the first places where signs of ageing become visible. Maturing skin loses its ability to retain its original structure and moisture which can directly result in skin sagging. The volumator helps to strengthen and fortify skin by stimulating the most abundant collagens in the skin. Skin in this area therefore shows improvement in volume while the firming effect particularly helps skin around the jaw line to appear more sculpted. High percentages of Hyaluronic Acid further prevents moisture loss and ensures skin remains supple and comfortable.

Directions for use:

Apply morning and/or evening, throughout the year, or as a time-specific treatment. Apply a few drops to the neck and/or breasts using light, sweeping movements.



Cutting-edge, advanced dual-action plant stem cell technology actively helps promote the appearance of skin density, elasticity and firmness, whilst deeply hydrating the skin. A face serum like no other, this formulation delivers intense hydration and smoothness while stem cell technology actives expertly work overtime on both epidermal and dermal stem cells to preserve the skin and defend it from environmental damage which results in premature ageing.

Directions for use:

Apply under day or night cream, morning and/or evening, throughout the year, or as a time-specific treatment.



One of the first places where signs of ageing begin to emerge is around the delicate eye contour. As we age, the thick collagen network that gives the skin its structural support, begins to lose its integrity. Apart from working miracles by introducing powerful high-tech age-reversing actives into the skin, this product effectively minimizes dark circles, strengthens the dermal structure of the eye, noticeably lifts drooping upper eyelids and firm’s under-eye puffiness.

Directions for use:

Apply a small amount around the eye area, including the eyelid.

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