Hey there, sweety

Our childhood hangout, Sweets from Heaven, has had a total 2017 make-over and is cooler than ever before…this is not a drill!

You’re not a 90’s child unless a trip to the movies ended with an entire bag of sour worms from Sweets from Heaven.  Well our favourite childhood haven now has more choices than ever before.

Since their beginning in 1988 Sweets from Heaven has been bringing the most heavenly sensations to your taste buds.  Open one of these delightful sweet bags, take a handful and be transported to your childhood happy place.

The nostalgic product range that offers something for everyone, whether you’re into sweet, sour or fruity you are guaranteed the perfect fix for that sweet tooth craving.  From their iconic pink heart logo and a wide range of superior quality treats, these heavenly sweeties are guaranteed to sweeten up your day.

Sharks are the perfect jelly treats for you or your little ones with their fun design and delicious blueberry and vanilla flavour. Complete with cute white bellies you just want to tickle and turquoise tops you just want to gobble up, these gummies are so fun and flavourful they’re guaranteed to be a memorable experience. Keep the feeding frenzy going at your next birthday party, summer shindig, or shark movie marathon.


Quench your thirst for a tasty treat with Cola Gums. Adorable little jelly bottles that are reminiscent of your favourite cola drink that’s bubbling with energy and fun. They have the familiar taste of cola and a sweet-tart bite that makes them taste just like the real thing! Enjoy these adorable gummy bottles on movie night and mix them into your popcorn for an update on the classic movie combo!


We all know and love the all-time classic jelly bean. With its hard sugar exterior and soft chewy interior in delicious fruit flavours, you can’t believe that such a big taste can come from such a small candy. With the promise of delicious apple, grape, strawberry and lemon flavours these bite size jelly bean nibbles are an explosion of colours to enjoy.


Next time you go fishing for sour gummy salmon on the sour gummy river, take along your tackle box filled with Sweets from Heavens Sour Gummy Worms. Lightly dusted with a coating of sugar for a touch of extra sweetness, these gummy worms are fruity and well balanced. And that makes them perfect for snacking on a few at a time, or by the boatload. A popular party favourite, dish these out and let the party begin, and don’t forget to bust out your best sour worm dance move!


They’re soft, they’re chewy and they’re bursting with beary yummy flavour! Gummy bears are an all-time favourite and Sweets from Heaven have added their own twist with a smooth vanilla base that perfectly complements the sweet fruity strawberry, apple, orange and blueberry flavours, there’s nothing quite as whimsically delicious as gummy bears!


Who needs diamonds when there’s Strawberry Rings! These were created for the strawberry lover, and quite literally is your favourite strawberries and cream dessert in a bite size sugar coated jelly ring.  Put this on your finger and commit to nothing but a lifetime of delicious treats and tasty experiences!


We don’t know about you but we’re putting on our bell bottom jeans with butterfly clips and hitting the mall like we did in 2004 .

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PHOTO CRED: Sheena Bagshaw from www.thestylistnotebook.co.za or @sheena.bagshawe on Instagram