G&T Gatsby style

We’re always looking for new date- night spots and Workshop 55 is so sexy, it’s become our ‘set the mood’ hangout.

If you’re looking for a trendy spot that’s sure to have your man/ woman putting out, then Ocean Basket just won’t do. Remember, the key to romance is to woo your partner and Workshop 55 says ‘anniversary’, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘let’s reignite our flame’. Yes, it’s THAT hot.

Situated in Parktown North it’s different to any other restaurant you’ve visited. Serving the very best finely crafted drinks – the bar is renowned for its delicious infused gins – with locally and internationally influenced food, in a laid-back setting. It’s the ultimate place to share an out-of-the-ordinary foodie experience with lovers, friends or your 1869 Instagram followers.

Other than the gin cocktails being out of this world, the tapas platters are even better than a night with Ryan Gosling (the short rib might have been the best thing we’ve ever tasted). Couple this with the set chocolate custard with crispy pastry, pistachio ice-cream and Turkish delight; or the Strawberry and Balsamic frozen yoghurt with vanilla shortbread crumb and you’ve scored before the date is even over.

Think Miami 1930’s glamour, with luxurious Pink Christiaan Lacroix wallpaper and a touch of whimsy, thanks to the resident parrot. Whatever you choose at Workshop 55, it’s sure to be a not-to-be-forgotten night. You’ll thank us, Casanova.