Gracefully beautiful

There’s a new beauty spot in Parkmore and it’s so elegant, it’s as if it’s decorated by Grace Kelly herself.

Grace Skin and Wellness in Parkmore is the perfect place to head for all your beauty treatments. Situated in the only pink house on the block, this salon is attentive to TLC, great treatments, experienced therapists and a really great cup of tea.

Specializing in everything from nails to massages, waxes, facials and lashes, the therapists at Grace Skin and Wellness are what makes returning so special. Specialists in LCM nails, the staff are meticulous when it comes to the perfect manicure and pedicure. Waxes are made easy (and painless) with the latest Naked Cherry wax products and RegimA facials are perfected with high frequency treatments. However, our favourite thing about Grace Skin and Wellness is how every client feels as if they are part of the family.

Future patrons beware… a visit to Grace for a manicure is never just that. With extra ‘just because’ add-on’s, a simple Mani can turn into a complimentary afternoon of spoils. Did we mention? If you’re looking for us, we’ll be at Grace Skin and Wellness, duh.

Grace Skin and Wellness , 116 11th Street, Parkmore. 011 883 27 60