Getting real about reflex

Is reflexology a money making scheme that’s kinda like a foot massage? We had to find out for rich housewives everywhere.

Desperate to learn about the medicinal practice behind the art of reflexology, we popped by Michelle Walton Reflexology in Bryanston for a ‘reflex 101’ and left feeling more inspired than ever. Michelle who is registered with the Allied Health Professional Council of South Africa has worked in reflexology for years and stresses the importance of it as a preventative measure.

According to ancient Chinese medicine, a person has meridians which run lengthways up and down your body, of which the six main meridians begin or end on your feet. By the shape of your toes and other external manifestations, Michelle is able to determine which meridian is under stress. By activating the pressure points of your different meridians, reflexologists are able to unblock meridians thereby allowing the free flow of energy through the body stimulating a healthy functioning of the body’s organs.

Michelle warns against visiting beauty spa’s for reflexology, as although many beauty schools do modules in reflexology, they don’t do an in-depth study into anatomy and pathology. The aim of reflexology is to get patients to the level where they no longer feel the symptoms of areas of stress within their bodies which we perceive as symptoms of illness.

By pressing strategically on the pressure points, Michelle is able to decongest organs ultimately leading to a healthier functioning body. After our session not only did we feel relaxed, we felt rather lethargic, a clear indication that our body was ridding itself of toxins. After one session we we’re hooked and determined to visit Michelle once a month to maintain the functionality of our body.

Over all consensus? Reflexology, if done by a registered professional, is a great way of keeping your body aligned and healthy. It by no means promises to cure diseases but is a great preventative to keep organs healthy and clean and restore a state of balance throughout your body. See you there dolls?

Michelle Walton Reflexology, 33 Old Kilcullen Rd, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 082 871 0210