Get rid of those banana rolls

We all want a booty like Kim K and when we can’t get rid of that stubborn roll underneath our bikini bottom, Lightsculpt is the only place we turn to for help.

Banana Rolls are the accumulation of stubborn fat just under the buttocks that can prove difficult to get rid of even with the right diet and exercise… in some cases, you may even find that getting rid of fat from your abdomen is easier than getting rid of the fat under your buttocks and from the legs where cellulite is most likely to first appear.

In these areas it is sometimes very risky to perform procedures such as liposuction because if the area is OVERlipoed, the buttocks might sag.

The fight against fat on thighs and butt can be won with the right methods and the necessary knowledge on how to get rid of fat under buttocks. Knowing how to get rid of fat under buttocks will give you the power to transform your body in a way that you’ve always dreamed of.

Lightsculpt offers Ceccarelli fat loss injections to help remove stubborn fat in areas that are a little harder to lose weight as a less invasive alternative to surgery.

What are Ceccarelli Fat Loss Injections / Lipolysis?

Lipolysis is an innovative, gentle and nonsurgical method which helps reduce the accumulation of stubborn fat deposits in targeted regions of the body.

Ceccarelli may be an extremely effective method of helping to combat cellulite and enhance the effects of dieting and exercise. Ceccarelli may help reduce fat safely around the waist, inner thigh, abdomen, under the upper arms, knees, ankles, face and double chin.

How does the procedure work?

The solution is injected into localized fatty deposits in a grid like pattern. Injections of about 1ml per site, at about 1cm apart. In a single session the maximum to be injected is 200ml. No area on the body larger than two hands should be treated in a single session.

Usually, to treat the banana rolls, we would use around 100ml of the Ceccarelli Fat loss injectables. Ceccarelli Fat loss injectables price: R4500 per 100ml.

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