Food, art and design merge in the heart of Sandton

Wishbone Café and Bistro Bar, situated in 11 Alice Lane in Sandton, is the hidden gem that is your soon-to-be favourite restaurant.

Wishbone takes inspiration from the exterior architecture on its doorstep, boasting lots of glass and modern design – plus a ‘Copper Bar’. Needing to traverse the corporate clientele that surrounds and the sophisticated palette of the Sandton scene, the menu serves up a little bit of everything.

For breakfast, there are the usual egg favourites, plus a muesli breakfast trifle and apple and maple flapjacks. For lunch and dinner, there is everything from gourmet burgers to pasta, seafood to curry – and a dry aged rib eye steak, with more traditional French dishes like Confit duck leg and Coq au Vin, which are undoubtedly set to be among their signature dishes. There is also a weekday 3-course express lunch meal (sushi, soup and salad, all served simultaneously) and a decadent 4-course weekend brunch and bubbly special.

Divided into two levels, the downstairs has more of a modern café feel to it, whereas the upstairs has a cosier and quieter restaurant feel − which includes a private dining area for intimate dinners and lunches.

Wishbone Cafe & Bistro has been created to be in tune with the latest 21st-century restaurant trends, with a world class, casual yet sophisticated ambiance. There is a seamless flow between exterior architecture and the interior decor. The black and white colour palette reminiscent of traditional European bistros also serves to beautifully showcase the contemporary artwork that adorns the space.

The pairing of food with art has a longstanding tradition. A contemporary version of pairing food and artwork is currently found in the collaboration of artists and eateries in a number of world class restaurants. A tradition now come to life with a collaboration between Wishbone Café & Bistro and Berman Contemporary. Acclaimed artists Stefan Blom, Marcus Neustetter and Roberto Vaccaro are currently being exhibited in the Wishbone space.

Wishbone is an easily accessible choice if you live or work in the Sandton area and have a taste for not only good food and wine but appreciate art and design.

 Wishbone Café and Bistro Bar