Flowers were so 2016

Boys take note – there’s a new gift delivery service on the block and it doesn’t include flowers… ‘cos these days girls are all about beauty and jewels.

Fond of Jane is literally the greatest thing that has happened to us since ‘cupcake in a jar’ deliveries. This box of goodness (which keeps us up to date on the hottest developments in the beauty industry) is the perfect gift to send your girlfriend, wife, best friend or yourself. Think, a magazine subscription to keeping abreast of the latest trends in SA, clever right?

For R299 a month (with no delivery fee) Fond of Jane home delivers their beautifully packaged monthly boxes straight to your door and it’s even better than getting your period when you suspect you might be pregnant.

Consisting of health and beauty products and of course a beautiful gift (this month we got a rose gold necklace) this is the perfect monthly gift to let yourself or someone else know you’re their biggest fan. In the meantime you’ll find us staring out the window for the postman.